Satin Look 20 Denier Knee Highs by Kunert

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Brand: Kunert
Gender: Mens Unisex Womens


  • Candy
  • Cashmere
  • Grafito
  • Black
  • 1 - XS


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Kunert is one of the world’s most respected brands of legwear, and their range has always been flawless. No product leaves their doors unless it’s perfect for the job. That’s why Satin Look, their elite range, has been only a small one. Traditionally, it’s featured enough designs to count on just one hand. After years of rigorous design and redesign, Kunert have decided to release something entirely new and expand their flagship range. Satin Look Knee Highs are one of those new designs. Kunert have put the same tireless efforts into this item as they have in so many others, and Satin Look Knee Highs are worthy of their name. This is how knee highs should be, carefully chosen with an eye for detail and quality. All your legwear should be this good, whatever the occasion.
* 23 denier
* Glossy knee high
* Perfect trouser wear
* 86% Nylon
* 14% Elastane

Additional information

Brand Kunert
Weight 0.1 kg

Candy, Cashmere, Grafito, Black


1 – XS