Repos 70 Veiled Knee-high by Oroblu

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Brand: Oroblu
Gender: Mens Unisex Womens


  • Nude
  • Sun Touch
  • Ambre
  • Singapour
  • Black
  • 1 - XS
  • 2 - S


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Relaxing knee-highs, in 70 denier compression but with a 40 denier opaque look. The average compression of 10/15 mmHg helps to remove tiredness and a sense of heaviness from the legs, improving venous return and oxygenation of the blood. Its in-leg control also shapes the silhouette. Suitable for those traveling by plane, for those who have to stand for many hours or, on the contrary, for those who are often seated and sedentary.

The cuff (elastic at the calf) is higher than the normal Oroblù cuffs. Hug the leg for added stability. It does not go down and does not tighten.

The toe is semi-reinforced. The fingers remain visible but the slightly more opaque and resistant mesh reduces the risk of stretch marks.

The Repos 70 knee-highs do not pinch. The sensation of the sock that pinches is given by the core of the elastane thread, necessary to give elasticity, which remains uncovered and rubs against the leg. In Repos 70 the elastane is wrapped twice, and then completely covered, by polyamide, which makes it slide on the skin. A very high quality yarn that gives a special comfort.

Additional information

Brand Oroblu
Weight 0.1 kg

Nude, Sun Touch, Ambre, Singapour, Black


1 – XS, 2 – S