Fly And Care 40 Knee Highs by Kunert

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Brand: Kunert
Gender: Mens Unisex Womens


  • Black
  • 1 - XS
  • 2 - S


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One of Kunert’s proudest achievements, Fly & Care is a superb piece of engineering and innovation that has put the world of support legwear forward by years. The innovation is in the way these knee highs help keep your legs feeling rested throughout the day. The fabric is woven in a way that aids circulation, compresses and massages muscles and yet goes unnoticed when you wear them. They work whilst sitting, standing, walking, for any length of time, and being designed by Kunert, they perform better than most too. Each product in the range is designed with a comfort heel to provide the perfect fit and remove even more from your attention. Everything about the Fly & Care range is designed to do all of the work for you, without you having to bother. Just put a pair on, that’s it.
* 34 denier
* Matt
* 11-14 mmHg
* Suitable for long distances
* Perfect on-board leg care
* Helps prevent DVT
* 79% Polyamide
* 21% Elastane

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Brand Kunert
Weight 0.1 kg

Cashmere, Black


1 – XS, 2 – S